Being HeartWired
unhook hard-wiring, live from your heart
Do you ever feel …
The same things trigger you time after time?
Age-old habits are keeping you stuck?
You are not alone
We all develop habits and do things automatically -
how we get ready in the morning,
hear what people say, react to things.
But it doesn’t have to be this way
Don’t let “hard-wiring” run your life,
reacting rather than responding with intention.
Instead, practice Being HeartWired
Disentangle from old habits
Listen to your heart
Write your own story
Let go of the outcome
Create space and peace within
Keys to Being HeartWired

First pause, and then

observe what is going on right now.

feel your body and how energy moves inside you, and between you and others.

honor yourself and others, including things that hurt or challenge you ‐ they are your greatest teachers.

treat yourself and others with gentleness and empathy. We all have burdens to carry and buttons that get pushed. And we all try to act better.

heal by letting go of anything that no longer serves you ‐ pain, fear, anger and judgement. Instead let compassion and love be your guides.

Finally, show up and be seen in a way that is true to your heart, knowing that vulnerability and clearly defined boundaries let you be your authentic, magnificent self.

Being HeartWired
unhook hard-wiring, live from your heart
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