My Story

As a part of the “panini generation”, I found myself sandwiched on a hot griddle between the needs of parents and offspring, job and family and friends, often buried beneath an overflowing list of commitments to everyone other than myself.

I couldn't hear my heart. Instead I heard messages that expected, judged, bossed, shamed, challenged, threatened. First they were in someone else’s voice, then in my own.

Over time these voices helped shape me, and the same things pushed my buttons again and again. I found myself reacting without knowing it, proof that I was hard-wired.

Soon I noticed myself acting more negatively - knowing what I didn't want, but not what I did. And even when I felt joy, it wasn't as bright as I knew it could be.

Something needed to change. So I got still and started listening – to my body, my breath, my gut, my heart. And what I heard has changed my life forever.

Now I practice Being HeartWired. Rather than reacting I respond. Rather than finding blame I look for empathy and compassion. And not only for others but for myself as well.

It is a life-long practice, and some days I do better than others. But I keep trying because I know that this is the greatest gift I can give myself and those I love.

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